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UPS Power Supply

The UPS power supply is a constant voltage and constant - frequency power supply which contains energy storage device and inverter as the main component. When the electricity is normal, UPS will load the market voltage, stabilize the frequency, and recharge the battery in the machine. When the electricity is interrupted (abnormal), the UPS will continue to supply the power to the load by inverting the power supply of the accumulator in 4-10 milliseconds or "zero" interrupt time, and keep the load working properly so that the data can be saved and the hardware of the payload are not damaged.

Precautions for UPS power supply

  • Do not use UPS  overload. The maximum load of the UPS power supply should be 80% of its nominal load. If overloaded, in the inverter state, it often causes the breakdown of the invert triode. In addition, in the use of UPS, it is strictly prohibited to connect perceptual loads such as fluorescent lamps, but only for pure electricity or smaller capacitive loads.
  • When switching the machine, you should pay attention to the order of the switch machine:  the first open UPS, later (preferably lag 1-2 minutes and make UPS fully into the work of the state) to open the power switch of the load, and the power switch of the load should be opened one by one. The order of shutdown is just the opposite. Turn off the load switch one by one and turn off the UPS. UPS should be in the open state for a long time, while the load of the computer will be opened every time, and the load switch can be turned off after the use is finished.
  • Do not close and open UPS power frequently. Generally, it is required to wait at least 6 seconds after the UPS power supply is turned off to turn on the UPS power supply. Otherwise, the UPS power supply may be in the state of "startup failure". That is, the UPS power supply is in an abnormal state with neither the municipal power output nor the output of the inverter.
  • The energy in the battery inside the UPS could be depleted or nearly depleted for some reason. In order to compensate battery energy and improve battery life, UPS has to charge in a timely and long time (usually no less than 48 hours, with or without load), so as to avoid failure due to battery failure. The newly purchased or long stored UPS should be charged for 12 hours before use. Long-term storage of unused UPS, charging 12 hours every 3 months, if in a high-temperature area, charging every 2 months. UPS is used without charging, and it will damage the battery.

Function of UPS power supply

UPS power supply has been widely used in fields such as industry, communications, defense, hospital, broadcast television, computer business terminal, network server, network equipment, data storage equipment and so on.
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