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NEC brand new original, UPC2581V double channel amplifier, pre-integrated circuit HiFiDIY audio IC.

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UPC2581V double channel amplifier ic
Dual - channel operational amplifier is suitable for dual power mode, and it is also suitable for single power supply with wide power voltage range. It can be used as all kinds of linear amplifiers for active filter, compensation amplifier, audio preamplifier, equalizing amplifier, and used as a variety of linear amplifiers in electronic instruments and instruments.

The characteristics of dual - channel operational amplifier:
  • There is no need for external frequency compensation circuit, built-in frequency compensation;
  • High dc voltage gain (about 100dB);
  • Low input bias current;
  • Low input offset voltage and offset current;
  • The input voltage range of the common mode is wide;
  • The input voltage range of the differential mode is equal to the power supply voltage range.
  • Unit gain band width;
  • Good separation of the channel, easy to dissipate heat;
  • The power supply has two options: plus or minus 18V and plus or minus 20V.
UPC2581V double channel amplifier IC chips review
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