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TLP250 products from TOSHIBA, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Japan and the second-largest manufacturer of integrated electric motors, is owned by mitsui group, Japan's largest semiconductor maker.

TLP250 belongs to optical coupler.
Packaging: SOP
Isolation voltage: 2500Vrms
Channel number: 1, one-way
Output current: 1.5aTransmission delay height - low: 150ns @ 8mA
Forward current: 20mA
Type of input: DC
Minimum isolation voltage: 2500Vrms
Minimum working temperature: - 20 ° C
Pin number: 8
Typical forward voltage: 1.6V[1]
Maximum diffusion delay time: 500ns

Applied area:
Transistor inverter
Variable frequency air-conditioning Conditionor
IGBT gate drive
Gate drive of power field effect transistor.

IC chip production process:

The wafer is a function of the circuit diagram. Wafer processing is to turn a circuit diagram into a real circuit.

01. Cleaning: using various reagents to clean the impurities on the surface of the crystal;

2. Coating: the metal material is uniformly coated on the surface to form a thin layer of metal oxide;

03. Add light resistance: apply a layer of light resistance to the crystal element, namely the photoreceptor layer. This step is to make the circuit diagram "printed" on the wafer;

04. Developing: the circuit diagram is left "shadow" on the crystal plate of the photoresist layer by means of strong light irradiation.

05. Ion implantation: this step is to fill the different impurities according to the concentration and position according to the circuit diagram, and form a field effect tube on the crystal plate;

06. Etching: there is a circuit diagram, and then there is the sculpture. Use the ion beam to remove the redundant parts of the circuit diagram, leaving only the circuit structure. According to the different test materials, it can be divided into dry etching and wet etching.

07. Wash: the circuit structure left after etching is still covered with the photoresist layer, which is needed to wash off.

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