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The Study on the Development of Clock Chip Industry in China

Clock Chip Industry Market Size
Market Size is the capacity of marrket, which means the overall size of target products or industry in this report. It often uses some indesex such as output value, yield, consumption, consumption amount to convey market size. As Qian Xun consulting firm studies on market size, it not only has to research on the market size of past five years, but also need to farecast and analyse the market size in the next five years. The size of market may determine the scale of investment that enterprises used in new products design. Besides,the year-on-year growth rate of market size can reflect the development of industry. It is worthy of attention and investment if one industry or product is booming. Detailed date and description of market size and year-on-year growthe rate of timer chip industry will be on the third chapter of this report.

Consumption structure
Consumption structure is the composition of products or service that consumed. This study on consumption structure is mainly from three perspectives:product mix, user structure, regional structure respectively.

1.Product mix mainly studies on consumption of subdivided products or service and the proportion of scale of subdivided products and service in the whole market.

2. Users tructure mainly studies on to whom products and service are sold and the proportion of consumption scale of all kinds of usres in the whole market.

3. Regional structure mainly studies on where products and service are sold and the proportion of consumption scale of there key regional markets in the whole market. Studies on consumption structure can help enterprises find users and segment the market more precise so they can adjust product mix in order to offer better service and cope with market competition.
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