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The Study on the Development of Clock Chip Industry in China 2

Market shares, also named market occupancy, means the proportion of sales(or value of sales) of a enterprise among its category in the market.Market shares is one of the most important indexes that enterprises used to find their positions in the market. It's also an important basis that many large and medium-sized enterprises used for discussion and making market strategy. Studying on market shares can be divided into overall market share and target market share. This study aims at Chinese market and considers Chinese market as overall market and some specific provinces or cities as target market.

Clock Chip Industry Market Concentration Rate
Market concentration rate is used to measure the concentration rate of the whole industry and it is also the basic and most important factor that determine the market construction. market concentration rate reflects the competition and monopoly in the market. the indexes of market concentration rate that used frequently are namely: CRn, HHI, Lorentz curve, Gene coefficient, Inverse index, Entropy index etc. two of indexes that mentioned above, CRn and HHI are often used in economic analysis of anti-monopoly.This study adopts CRn to measure market concentration rate. CRn is the summation of market shares that the top n largest enterprises owned in the designated market of this industry.For example, CR4 is the summation of market shares that the top 4 largest enterprises owned. the higher CRn is, the more monoplistic this industry is .most users are concentrated in several enterprises.

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