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The Scheme of Complete Solution for Real Time clock with High Precision—SD2400 Series

The built-in battery, crystal oscillator, serial NVSRAM/EEPROM, 12 byte RAM, IIC interface, output with multiple interrupts, high precision, free adjustment.

SD2400 series is a real time clock chip with high precision which has a built-in oscillator and supports IIC serial interface. Its CPU can use this interface to read and write data of 32-byte registers in the chip through 5-bit address, including time registers, alarm registers, control registers, universal SRAM registers.

SD2400 has built-in crystal oscillator, whose chip can ensure the precision of clock to be ±5ppm( under 25℃), that is to say, the annual error is less than 2.5 minutes; this chip's built-in clock precision can be adjusted which can correct the error of clock in a very wide range( the resolution is 3ppm). And the adjustment value of the temperature change can be set by the external or built-in digital temperature sensor, realizing the timer function with high precision in a range of temperature.

A one-off industrial battery or rechargeable battery built in the SD2400 series can ensure the service life of clock to be used from five to eight years in the conditions of external parts powering off. The internal part possesses the power to switch the circuit, when the chip detects that the main power VDD falls to the battery voltage, the chip will automatically turn to the power supply battery.

The SD2400 series has a built-in single time/alarm output of interruption, and the alarm time for interruption can be set to a maximum of 100 years; the frequency output of interruption and the countdown interrupt output are set inside.

The SD2400 series apply many kinds of technologies to increase the stability of chip, which can fulfill various of needs for real-time clock chip. It is the ideal choice for selecting the real-time clock with high precision.
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