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The Realization Of USB OTG Data Communication Based On STM32

The exchange and storage of mobile data has been a hot spot in the IT industry in recent years. With the emergence of the USB technology, it has been gradually applied in the field of mobile data. The current USB mobile devices can only exchange files and data from each other through the PC machine. With the gradual maturity of the USB technology, people want to communicate directly with USB peripherals through mobile devices so that USB can be used without PC.

 In view of the limitation that the general USB device can only carry out data communication via PCs, a design method of intelligent communication based on USB OTG interface and STM32 microcontroller is proposed. This method is implemented via the USB OTG interface on the 32 bit RAM chip STM32F107 based on the Cortex kernel. It makes use of the advantages of high integration, low cost, low power consumption, convenient development, reliable performance and dual character character of USB OTG. The problem of data transmission between USB devices without PC machines is solved. The communication between the PC machine and the U disk is realized by the Taurus ARM and the data transmission between the USB embedded devices is completed.
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