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The Main Parameters

The input characteristic of the photoelectric coupler is the characteristic of the internal luminescent (light-emitting diode). The output characteristic depends on the internal light receiver. In addition, there are parameters representing the overall performance of the current transmission over the CTR, the insulation resistance RISO between input and output. In the transmission of digital signal, there are parameters such as pulse rise time, descent time, delay time, etc. The frequency characteristics must be considered when transmitting communication signals.

Identification of model and pin

The usual photoelectric coupler, although the shape is basically double row 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet... Plastic wrapped, but because the name of the model is not unified, there are many different rules.

Moreover, from the model above, it is generally not seen that the internal structure and specific parameters and other information. If you want to know the structural features and related parameters of a certain type of product, you can only check the manufacturer's manual or the relevant parameter manual of the Internet search.

The rules for the pin ordering of the optical coupler are exactly the same as the ordinary integrated circuit. I.e., the product of feet towards magazine, from the top surface (literally) of semicircle groove, small circular notch (point) or bevel edge marker pin to start, press anticlockwise count, followed by 1, 2, 3, 4 feet...
If you flip over and look at the back (for example, on the welding surface of the printed circuit board), the primer is facing itself and the magazine is literally facing the magazine, then it should be counted clockwise.
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