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The Future Development Trend of Operational Amplifier-4

Integrating other functions with amplifiers can also reduce system errors. For example, AD8555 provides many unprecedented advantages for sensor signal conditioning applications, for example, gain adjustment, misaligned adjustment and fault detection circuit. Further increases in integration can include linearity calibration, frequency forming, or other functions to develop more complete solutions.

Manufacturing processes and design trends will continue to provide users with lower prices, smaller packages and improved indicators. Existing problems, such as r-r performance and power consumption, will continue to be improved while the amplifier will be closer to its "ideal" state.

The continuous improvement of technology and packaging technology can continue to improve the integration level in smaller packages, thus adding features and high performance. The amplifier needs to integrate other functions, of course, in very small packages. The progress of various kinds of encapsulation materials is also expected to realize the technical indexes specified in the parameters of higher integration.

The future operational amplifier products should also be more easily designed in the system. And we will also focus more on the design of hardware tools of the amplifier. The traditional PSPICE model will be replaced by more accurate models, which include more amplifier parameters.

The additional tools help to analyze the stability of the amplifier, the DC error, and the AC error. The design engineer uses the SPICE model to simulate the general performance of the selected amplifier, so that components, fast configuration circuit, the signal can be selected, and the general performance of the amplifier can be evaluated online. Now users can use online parameter evaluation tools to complete real-time simulation quickly and effectively and detect potential problems in various parameters and architectures.

The manufacturer will develop a Wizard tools for websites to provide 24 hours of online experts' guidance for design engineers.
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