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The Best Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly Compact AC Filter Connector

IEC C14 input socket with EMI filter of the SCHURTER eco-friendly design 5120 series offers both the original variety of different installation methods and connection terminals of the sample and embedded wire connections and circuit board assembly of two new configuration versions; It has the most compact design and the easiest way to install, saving installation time and cost and providing the best filtering performance.

The existing version provides the traditional fast connection, the welding terminal screw, the clamping type installation methods, the preformed threaded hole, and the rivets quick installation style design to improve the assembly rate. The latest introduced embedded wire-led version reduces the operation and additional costs, while the board-mounted version offers a card-mount option that securely snaps onto the board with a ground connection to the device with a quick-connect terminal base.

The best cost-effective eco-friendly compact AC filter connector

The above image is an eco-environmental protection type 5120 IEC filter power input plug series.
While the information technology, medical and industrial equipment are subject to high-performance electromagnetic compatibility verification testing, the metal flanges of the 5120 series provide the best-shielded protection in panel openings. In addition, this compact filter does not use the filling compound, so it is lighter and easier to recycle. The 5120 series products have been approved by ENEC and cURus to fully comply with the office and medical equipment standards of IEC 60950/EN 60601-1. The rated current is applied to 10 Amps / 250 Volts (ENEC / UL / CSA) or 15 Amps / 125/250 Volts (UL / CSA) respectively.
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