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The Application Of B&R Products In The Subway Screen Door Control System

In our daily life, we often have to cross the subway screen door. Every day when the train arrives at the station, the door opens and closes automatically when the train leaves. If one of these doors have errors, it will greatly weaken the safety of the passengers and affect the operation of the subway system. Cabar Jiargen, in Schwaben, Switzerland, is commissioned by owners and operators of the metro system to provide a safety gate system to improve operational safety. The Burchell Process Control Company in Belgium is one of their partners in this mission, and the automation products of B&R are the ideal technical foundation.

Multi-layer network structure

Each door has a gate control unit (DCU), which controls the motor and the closing mechanism according to the instructions received. These units ensure that the strength and speed of the door are maintained best within a safe range. They also monitor the state of the sensor and actuator on the door and continuously transfer the data to the platform isolation gate controller (PSC).

Central display system

In Hong Kong, during the three-month working cycle, the service staff checked and downloaded the data from the portable test device (PTE). For new installations in Taiwan, a B&R PP120 central display system and operation terminal with a 10.4 "display are used in each control room for on-site monitoring by operators and maintenance staff.

Mutual Communicating controllers
Besides the door controller through CAN bus connection, the PSC communicates with the local environmental monitoring system (LESS) through RS485, the PTE through RS232, the monitor through Ethernet, and positive sequence car ferreting (PTI) through the switch signals. The communication flexibility provided by B&R 2003 undoubtedly meets these network requirements. CP476 CPU handles all gate controllers and switch volume I/O and network connections.
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