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Solution To UAV Flight Control

1. Overview

With the development of science and technology and the transformation in the military strategic thoughts, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UVA) in the military, civil and other fields is increasingly growing such as the aerial survey, aerial photography, reconnaissance, forest fire prevention. In order to solve the problems of no high precision and miniaturization which has plagued the development of UAVs in our country, our company has finally overcome the difficulties and developed a set of UAV flight control systems with our own intellectual property rights after several years of research. High accuracy of the UAV's guidance and control enables it to adapt to complex external environments. Miniaturization puts forward higher requirements for the weight and volume of the UAV's control system. The smaller the volume of the control parts, the better.

2. Composition

  • Embedded computer system.
  • GPS receiver module
  • IMU
  • Interface
Solution To UAV Flight Control

3. Characteristics

  • Posture and speed control. The posture stability and speed control are used under normal conditions, while the speed stability and posture control are adopted in the case of large disturbance to greatly improve the flight safety.
  • The functions of remote control handle, waypoints and terrain matching guide are realized. Inner loop control commands can be generated from the outer loop.
  • The combined navigation of GPS/INS is realized through extended Kalman (EKF) filtering.
  • The adaptability of the flight load and center of gravity have greatly improved the flight accuracy and safety.
  • There is 3M data record space (maximum expansion of 1G)
  • The navigation algorithm has the strong adaptability to vibration and other disturbances. Satisfactory navigation data can be obtained even under adverse shocks.
  • With the VxWorks or uCOS operating system, it can be used for transplanting on different hardware platforms. It's real-time of high dependability and convenient clipping with low dependency on hardware.

4. Software Interface

Solution To UAV Flight Control
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