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Solid Potentiometer

The solid potentiometer is a type of variable resistor. It is usually composed of the resistance body and the rotating or sliding system, which is to move the resistance body by a moving contact to obtain partial voltage output. The resistor body of the solid potentiometer is mixed with carbon black, quartz powder, organic adhesion powder and other materials, and then pressed into the plastic matrix, which is then heated and polymerized.


Adjust voltage (including dc voltage and signal voltage) and current size.


It has good wear resistance, high resolution, high reliability, wide resistance range and small size.


The solid potentiometer is divided into small solid potentiometer, linear solid potentiometer, log-type solid potentiometer and so on.

Structural Characteristics

The resistor body potentiometer has two fixed ends. By manually adjusting the rotating shaft or sliding handle, changing the position of the moving contact on the resistance body, it changes the resistance between the moving contact and any fixed end, thus changing the magnitude of the voltage and current.
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