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Soft Lamp Strip

Soft lamp strip also known as led lamp belt, the product shape is like a strip.


There are round two, round three, flat three, flat four in normal etc., with the color of green, blue, yellow, white, colorful etc., diameter: 10mm-16mm.


First, soft, curly like a wire

Second, it can cut and extend

Third, light bulbs and circuits are completely covered in flexible plastic, good insulation and waterproof property, safe to use

Fourth, strong weather resistance

Fifth, not easy to crack, long service life

Sixth, easy to make graphics, texts, etc.


The soft lamp strip as a lamp also has the essential advantages: Luminous color variety, dimmable, easy to control the change of colors, can choose the monochrome and RGB effects. It brings colorful effects to the environment.


It is widely used, suitable to decorate and light for automobile decoration, signs,  advertising signs, wine cabinet, jewelry cabinet, entertainment place, path and profile flags and so on. It will show perfect visual effect with different LED color combinations.
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