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A Survey On Wearable Devices: Smart Watches Remains In The Early Adopter Stage

The disuse of equipment is a serious problem for industries.
In order to gain a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes toward wearable devices, the agency conducted "A Research Project on 2016 Individual Technologies" from June to August 2016 and sampled 9,592 online respondents from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The survey shows that smartwatches are still in the early adopter stage (10%); Fitness trackers are in the early mainstream stage (19%); The consumers using virtual glasses or head-mounted displays (excluding board-type ones) accounts for only 8%.

The survey has also found that people buy smartwatches and fitness trackers generally for their personal use, with only 34% fitness trackers and 26% smartwatches as gifts.

Smart watches remains in the early adopter stage

Smartwatches are still in the early adopter stage.

The survey shows that the United States takes lead with 12% of smartwatch using rate. The rates of the United Kingdom and Australia are 9% and 7%. Compared to the 2015 consumer survey, the smartwatch usage has increased. In the 2015 survey, U.S. and UK respondents using smartwatches accounted for 8% and 5% respectively.

Smartwatches are mainly used by people under the age of 44. More than half of users (58%) use them daily; Other users (33%) use them at least a few times per week. Compared with mobile phones, smartwatches can instantly and conveniently inform users of relevant information. In the future, smartwatches will carry more independent functions without relying on mobile phones to show their value.
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