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(Electronics) Original New IC PC929

Part NO. PC929
Packing  SOP14
Date Code 16+
Condition  New And Unused 
Warranty  30-60 days 


PC929 drive IC is a dual "identity" for driving pulse isolation amplification and module fault detection. By CPU motherboard of the pulse signal from 1/2, 3 feet enter into the PC923 photoelectric coupler, output from 11 feet after the Q13, Q15 two complementary voltage follower of power amplifier, and later with the introduction of IGBT2 G. This is the signal transmission circuit of the drive pulse; The 9 feet of PC929 are input pins for module fault detection signals. In normal working condition, the 11 feet of PC923 output positive impulse voltage, which makes Q13 guide pass and Q15 cutoff. The guide of Q13 will add the positive bias to the G pole of IGBT2, and IGBT2 will enter the full opening state. Ignore IGBT conducting pipe pressure drop, IGBT2 conduction is U output with the negative dc supply N short together, provide the output voltage of negative half wave pathway, during the period of conduction, as long as the inverter is running within the rated current, the normal IGBT2 pipe pressure drop should be under 3 v.

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