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Logic ICs type Integrated Circuits PC923 High Quality Original Electronic Parts, PC923 optical ic for MOS-FET / IGBT Drive.

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PC923 Logic IC Chips

Classification of Logic circuits:
Logic circuits are circuits that perform basic logic operations, which are widely used in electronic digital computers. These basic logical operations are "with", "or", "not", and thier composite actions. The logic circuit can be divided into combinational circuit and sequential circuit according to its working nature.

  • Combinational logic circuit
The logic state of the output signal at any time depends only on the logic state of the input signal at that time, it is independent of the input signal and output signal. Because the output logic state of the combinational logic circuit is independent of the history of the circuit, it does not contain memory circuits or devices. Gate circuit is the basic unit of combinational logic circuit.The current combinational logic circuit is available for large-scale standardized and serialized and integrated circuit.

  • Sequential logic circuit
The output state of any moment is not only related to the input of the moment, but also related to the history of the circuit. The sequential logic circuit has the function of memory input information, which greatly enhances the application of the digital system. It is commonly used in counters, registers and pulse sequence allocators.High quality original and new electronic parts, Logic ICs type Integrated Circuits PC923.

A logic circuit is a circuit that performs logic operations.In this circuit, there are several input terminals and one or several output terminals. When the input signal satisfies a particular logical relation, the circuit is opened. Otherwise, the circuit is closed and no output. Therefore, this circuit is called logic gate circuit, or gate circuit.
The ogic circuit mainly includes the digital electronic technology (several logic circuit), gate foundation (semiconductor properties of discrete component, TTL integrated circuits CMOS integrated circuit), combinational logic circuit (adder, encoder and decoder integrated logic functions) temporal logic circuit (counter, register), and d/a and analog-to-digital conversion.
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