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New Wifi Standard! You Need To Buy A New 802.11 Ad Compliant Router?

According to foreign media's reports, the new Wifi standard 802.11 ad has been released, raising the wireless network speed once again to a new level. 802.11 ad's maximum transmission speed is up to 4.6Gbps, 4 times faster than that of the current 802.11 ac standard and it is also faster than the stable high-speed cable network known for its fast and stability. Its speed is exactly far beyond the broadband speed for home users.
Netware and TPlink have started to sell the routers in line with the standard, pricing up to 2,500 yuan. 802.11 ad allows users to watch 4K, HDR video with a higher speed. However, do you need to purchase a new router in line with 802.11 ad?

The origin of the 802.11 standard

802.11 ad wasn't released by the IEEE but by the WiGig Alliance. This standard was proposed as early as 2009, drafted in 2011, and formally promulgated in 2016. The reason why 802.11 is not enacted by IEEE is that it uses a new band different from all previous Wifi standards. The standard which would be released after 802.11 ax is 802.11ay with its maximum speed up to 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. The needed time to download a blue-ray movie is 10.8 seconds. And the transport distance can achieve the astonishing 300 meters to 500 meters. The 802.11 ay will be released in 2017 combined with the second generation three-frequency routers. 
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