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U51995A is the primary switching regulator controller which l especially designed to get the regulated DC voltage from AC power supply. This IC can directly drive the MOS-FET with fast rise and fast fall output pulse.

Part Name M51995AFP Renesas
Application Switching power supply control circuit
Property Can directly drive MOS-FET field effect tube
Working frequency: 500KHz
starting current 90uA
working voltage 12-36v
Package SOP20
Type Integrated Circuits
Delivery In stock, shipment within 1-3 days

The power switch is to use the circuit to control the switch tube to carry on the high-speed channel and the cut-off. The direct current is converted to a high frequency alternating current to provide transformer with pressure, thus generating the required set or multi-group voltage!

Power switch function:
1.Ac power input is filtered into dc by rectifier;
2.Use the high-frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) signal to control the switch tube, and add that dc to the switch transformer primary;
3.Switch transformer secondary induces high frequency voltage, which is supplied by rectifier filter;
4.The output part is fed back to the control circuit through a certain circuit, controlling the PWM duty ratio to achieve the purpose of stable output.

Main types:
There are two kinds of modern switching power supply: one is dc switching power supply; The other is ac switching power supply.

Here is mainly introduced the dc switching power supply, its function is to switch poor power quality of original power supply (electricity), such as the mains power supply or battery power supply, into a higher quality of dc voltage (electric) satisfying the requirement of equipment. DC/DC converters are the core of DC switching power supply. Therefore, the classification of DC switching power supply is dependent on DC/DC converters. In other words, the classification of DC switching power supply is basically the same as that of DC/DC converters, and the classification of DC/DC converters is basically the classification of direct current switching power supply.

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