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STMicroelectronics M48T86PC1 5V PC REAL TIME CLOCK  DIP24 integrated circuits 10000 pieces in stock. The best price of $2.21 for above 100 pieces of M48T86PC1, $2.36 for 10 to 100, and the minimum order$2.77 per piece. New and Original DIP4 M48T86PC1 in stock with good quality from distributors and wholesales in Shenzhen, China.

Function Description: Real time clock 5 Volt PC Drop-In
Type: Clock/Calendar
M48T86PC1 Manufacturer: You can choose from different suppliers and distributors
Alarm RTC Bus interface: I2C
Date format: dw:dm:m:y
Time format: HH:MM:SS
RTC storage Capacity: 64B
Power supply Voltage-Max: 5.5 v
Power supply voltage-min: 1.8 v
Max Operating temperature: +85C
Installation style: Through Hole
Package/Enclosure: PDIP-8
Packaging: tube

Picture Details:
M48T86PC1 wholesale from USTOURCE

The abbreviation for real time clock is RTC. RTC is an integrated circuit, usually called a clock chip.

Real time clock chip is one of the most widely used consumer electronic products in daily life. It provides precise real time for people, or provides an accurate time benchmark for electronic systems. Currently, most real time clock chips use high precision crystal oscillator as the clock source. Some clock chips work requiring extra battery power when the main power is switched off.

RTC Hardware structure:
Crystals generally called crystal resonator, is a kind of electromechanical device, short for quartz oscillator, which is made from small power loss quartz crystal by precision cutting, grinding and plated with welding electrodes.

The role of the crystal oscillator: provides the reference frequency.

Crystal vibration of RTC:
The core of any real time clock is the crystal oscillator, which is 32768 Hz. It provides accurate and low power base signals for the frequency division counter. It can be used to generate information such as seconds, minutes, and dates. In order to ensure the long-term accuracy of the clock, the crystal oscillator must work properly and cannot be disturbed. The crystal vibration of RTC is divided into: external crystal vibration and built-in crystal vibration.

Why is the vibration frequency of RTC 32768Hz?
1. The time of RTC is calculated by the oscillation frequency. So it's not a timepiece, it's a counter. The average counter is 16 bits. Because the accuracy of time is very important, so the frequency of oscillation is lower, the accuracy of time is lower. So it must be a high number. 215 = 32768.
2. 32768 Hz = 215, which is 1Hz after 15 minutes, and the period = 1s.
3. According to the experience of the engineer, 32768 Hz is the most accurate.
4. Standardization and unification.
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