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Low Power Operational Amplifier

Low power consumption type operational amplifier: it means that the power consumed during normal operation is lower than normal operation. The low power integrated operational amplifier has a very small current and a low power supply voltage, the power consumption of the whole operation amplifier is only a few tens of microwavable, which is of great help to improve the efficiency of the circuit. This kind of integrated computing amplifier is used in portable electronic products. The common low-power operation amplifier has OPA2244, TLC2252, lmc6041/6042 of NS company and so on. TLC2252 is a dual-circuit operational amplifier designed and manufactured by TI company, it has a full power supply voltage range output performance, which has better imbalance voltage and lower power consumption than existing CMOS transport. Each amplifier requires only 35 uA power supply current, which has a good low level voltage noise suppression ability. It presents high input impedance, which can be applied to high resistance power.

Moreover, its common mode input voltage range is wider than the standard CMOS amplifier. Coupled with its temperature performance, this series of properties makes it widely available in various fields, such as temperature control, remote pressure sensor, accelerometer, hand-held instrument and so on. The following is the encapsulation form of TLC2252:

 low power integrated operational amplifier

Its characteristics are as follows: (1) : the output pendulum includes two power supply voltage (which can reach full power supply voltage). (2) low noise (19nV/HZ at 1kHZ frequency). (3) : low input bias current (typical value is 1pA). (4) : single power supply and sharing power supply can achieve all technical specifications. (5) : the common mode input voltage range contains the negative power voltage (the typical value is each channel 35uA). (6) : low input offset voltage (25 ℃ TLC2252A 850 ua).

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