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LM339 Operational Amplifier IC Chips
Operational amplifiers are used in analog computers for mathematical operations. It is mainly used in analog circuits, such as amplifiers, comparators and analog computing devices, which are often used by electronic engineers. An operational amplifier is a circuit unit with a high magnification. In practical circuits, a functional moduleit is usually composed of a feedback network. It is an amplifier with special coupling circuits and feedback. The output signal can be the result of input signal plus, minus or differential, integral and other mathematical operations.Operational amplifier can be realized by discrete devices, and can also be realized in semiconductor chips.
With the development of semiconductor technology, most of the transportation is in the form of single chip. It is widely used in electronic industry.

The function of an operational amplifier is to amplify the signal. Sensor + operational amplifier+ ADC + processor is a typical application of the operational amplifier circuit. The synchronous detection circuit is similar to the phase-locked amplifier structure, including the square wave excitation of the sensor, the current-voltage amplifier, and the synchronous demodulation.
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