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Linear Introduces Low Noise and Low Distortion Differential Amplifiers

Linear Technology Corporation introduces a fully differential amplifier LTC6409, which drives DC to 100MHz signals for 1.1nv/√hz-only noise and -88DBC-hd2/hd3 distortion. LTC6409 is manufactured with advanced SiGe BiCMOS technology with 10GHz gain bandwidth, 100dB sfdr up to 40MHz, and 1.9ns stable time with accuracy of 1%. It is ideal for driving the latest high-speed ADC (for example: 1.8V 14-bit 150Msps ltc2262-14). When using a 5V single power supply, the LTC6409 has 0V to 3.5V wide input common-mode range and 0.5V to 3.5V output common-mode range, making it easy to connect the ground-based signals to the differential pipelined ADC. The amplifier is unit gain stable, and up to 95mA of large output current allows the device to drive a lower resistance value of the feedback and gain resistor, resulting in very low output noise.

LTC6409 requires 3V or 5V single power supply to work. Power supply current power consumption is only 56mA, and the shutdown mode can reduce the current to 500uA. The typical value of the switch time is 160ns.

LTC6409 will be used for pulse signal applications such as radar signal processing, imaging, high-speed testing and measurement, and communication applications.

Kris Lokere, Linear's design manager, said that LTC6409 flexibility and performance make it an ideal choice for DC coupled time domain sensor applications and direct converter applications. It's very easy to convert the voltage value and convert the single-ended signal into a differential signal, while maintaining very low noise and distortion. "

The LTC6409 is fully regulated in the 2mm x 3mm QFN package, in terms of C (0°c to 70°c), I (40°c to 85°C) and H (40°c to 125°C)-level temperatures. The Thousand-piece batch purchase amount is 4.50 dollars per piece.

Photo Description: 1.1nv/√hz, 88dB SFDR, differential amplifiers from DC to 100MHz
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