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Line Magnetic Rings

The line magnetic ring is also known as the flat magnetic ring; Some call it the runway magnetic ring because it looks like a runway. This product model is the most recognizable mainly used in the line in the magnetic ring series. Since the line and its shape are both flat, thus creating a peak effect.

On the introduction

The most important function of the line magnetic ring is to eliminate and reduce electromagnetic interference. Since the electromagnetic interference from the computer equipment is large, especially in computer rooms. Therefore, most of the high-class peripheral signal lines have magnetic rings to reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference on data transmission. In addition, the use of the signal line with a magnetic ring on the end of the connection with the PC creates the best effect.

On the effects

The line magnetic ring reduces the effect of electromagnetic interference. The line magnetic ring is a common anti-interference element in electronic circuits. It has certain impedance characteristics, which has a good inhibitory effect on high-frequency noise and an anti-radiation function. The line magnetic ring is a common anti-interference element in electronic circuits, which has a good inhibitory effect on reducing high-frequency noise. Generally, the anti-interference magnetic ring has different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. In the general, the impedance is small at the low frequency; The higher the frequency is, the stronger the anti-interference performance will be.

On the choices

Most of them are nickel zinc magnetic rings and FS flat magnetic rings. The outer diameter of the magnetic ring allows being larger. The longer length of teh diameter as close as possible to the outer diameter of the data line permits the anti-jamming performance to achieve the best effects. As the volume is certain, the longer and thinner the ring is and the better the inhibitory effect is, the inhibition result is better.
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