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LG Announce a Transition to OLED Screen

Earlier, LG Display's chief executive, Lu Xiangde, said at the 2016 China OLED Display industry summit held by China's OLED Display industry association that 2017 will be the turning point for the big growth in the global OLED market. Earlier, foreign media reported that LG will make some major changes to its display business, and LG will focus on developing OLED display business in the future. And the current department structure is being adjusted to accelerate the transition of smartphone and TV product lines to OLED displays.


LG will reorganize the five divisions of television, OLED, IT, mobile and AD, with only television, mobile phones and IT existing. LG will transfer from LCD screens to new plastic OLED screens, the report said, adding that LG will increase production of its E5 production line in the first half of 2017.

Although OLED is considered as the future, the yield of restricting the development of OLED and cost problem has not been very good to improve, if LG takes a comprehensive transformation to OLED display, he will face a big difficulty. It is worthy to mention that the OLED screen of the production line is said to be supplied to apple's next iPhone. In addition, LG will build a new E6 P-OLED production line.

What's more,  LG TV will integrate LCD and OLED display businesses, while the IT department will still produce LCD screens for desktops and laptops. Finally, it worths to mention that LG has already announced that they plan to invest 1.99 trillion won ($1.75 billion) to South Korea domestic flexible OLED screen factory. But for the latest business integration, LG did not respond.
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