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Learn the Basics of Operational Amplifier (2)

1. The operation amplifier is connected to the integrator. What is the fuction of the parallel resistance RF on both ends of the integrated capacitor?

(1) Bleeder resistance is used to prevent output voltage from getting out of control.

2. Why are  install in series for resistors and capacitors commonly used in the the input terminal of operational amplifierseries?

(1) If you are familiar with the internal circuitry of the operational amplifier, you will know that any operational amplifier consists of several transistors or MOS tubes. In the absence of external components, the operational amplifier is a comparator. When the phase voltage is high, the output is similar to the positive voltage level, and vice versa. However, it doesn't seem to be of great use to carry out such operation. Only when the external circuit is connected, it can form the feedback form, so that the operation can be amplified, turned over and so on...

3. What's the effect of operational amplifier and phase amplification circuit if the balance resistance is not correct?

(1) Unbalance of reverse phase in phase, When the input is 0, the output value is always greater (or smaller)than the theoretical output value.

(2) The error caused by inputing bias current cannot be eliminated.

4. What's the function of  the pulling capacitance and dropping resistor  in the input of the operational amplifier?

(1) In order to obtain positive feedback and negative feedback, it depends on the specific connection. For example, I now put the input voltage signal, the output voltage signal, and then take out a line in the output end connected to the input section, so the resistance due to the above, and part of the output signal obtained a voltage value through the resistance, and the input voltage of shunt which make input voltage smaller. It is a negative feedback.
Because the signal from the signal source is always constant, the output signal can be corrected by negative feedback.
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