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STMicroelectronics Original new L9302-AD with low cost and high quality, brand new from factory directly.

Type: Drive ICs Logic ICs Timer ICs Voltage Regulator
Packaging Details: Reel,Tube,Tray,Bag,Surface mount
Application : Alarm Computer Car TV Camera Watch Mobile Phone Speaker Laptop
Dissipation Power: 1W-12W
Supply Voltage: 1V-12V
Application: High-tech,Civil,Militray,War Industry,LED,Wireless control

3.Good quality;
4.Fast delivery.
5.Supporting 60days Wanrranty
We specialize  in ICs,Diodes,Transistor,Capacitors,LED...

Company Operation Principle

1.Quality first, Customer supreme.
2.Integrity management, Credit highest.
Due to the use of TV, audio and video integrated circuits, and consider about the environment, production history and other reasons, they are not only complicated in model specifications, but also in various packaging.

Common packaging materials are: plastic, ceramics, glass, metal and so on, now basically adopting plastic package.
According to the package form: ordinary double column straight plug, ordinary single column straight, small double column flat, small four-column flat, round metal, large thick film circuit, etc.
According to the package size: the biggest is the thickest film circuit, the second one is a dual - column direct - insert, single - line, metal package, two columns flat.
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