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Wholesale electronic components Support BOM Quotation POWER MODULE IRDAK0726350B of Integrated Circuit at UTSOURCE in reasonable price!

You can use our products in various fields such as communication,  instrument, audio and video display,data acquisition, network, ARM development,  Microprocessor control circuit, the power converter, data base,amplifiers, power management, timer,display circuit, micro switches, optical transmitter, pressure and temperature sensor, wireless products, CPU,Motherboards, LED lights, LCD panels,etc.

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IRDAK0726350B Specification:
Part No  IRDAK0726350B
Brand  Standard
Type  Electronic components
Country of Origin  Japan
Temperature characteristics  -45 °C - 125 °C
Date Code  Newest
Lead Free Status  PB Free
Price  Please contact our sales
Delivery Time  2 working days
MOQ  1 Pieces
Warranty  360 days
Distributor  Chip Source Electronic co., Ltd
Skype  Steve_ic

Electronic components IRDAK0726350B

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