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Intersil Introduces New Ultra Low Energy-saving Dimming Function LED Driver Series

Spherical high performance analog hybrid signal semiconductor design and manufacturer Intersil announced the introduction of innovative multi-channel LED driver series with ultra-low energy dimming capabilities---ISL97671/2/3/4, which significantly prolongs battery life for laptops, netbooks and tablet computers.

The new highly integrated ISL97671/2/3/4 series can reduce the undesirable visual effects of traditional backlight, such as flicker, spot and stripe phenomena when using traditional led drivers.

This series of devices using independent research and development of dynamic margin control circuit to produce the highest voltage LED light string, and then adjust the boost output to the required minimum voltage, thereby reducing energy consumption. At 4.5V to 26V input voltage, the device can drive up to six series 40mA LEDs. The highly accurate led current matching circuit can control the matching current between the LED light strings in ±0.7% to the best level in the industry.

Adaptive boost control circuit adjusts output voltage
This series of drives can maintain the dimming even under low led PWM duty ratio conditions. The ISL97671/2/3/4 series can respond to a very low PWM duty ratio and adjust the brightness to a 0.007%,PWM frequency of only the maximum brightness of 200Hz. Dimming can be directly controlled by the PWM dimming circuit, or through the I2c/smbus interface, using 8-bit digital dimming function to control.

Intersil's series of devices contains a large number of protection functions to ensure maximum reliability, such as over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection and led open/short circuit protection. This series of devices integrates power MOSFET for step-up converters and channel-regulated circuits, providing a very compact solution for flexible design.
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