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Intel Has Released The World'S First Integrated HBM2 Memory FPGA, 10 Times As The Independent DDR2

AMD Fiji Fury series graphics card first puts the new generation of high bandwidth memory HBM into commercial use which significantly improves the bandwidth and narrows occupied space. NVIDIA has currently adopted HBM in the Tesla series calculation card and the development of Titan series.
However, HBM is not merely video memory which matches graphics card.

Today, Intel has released the FPGA (field programmable array) chip "StrTIx 10 MX", the world's first chip integrating HBM2 video memory, which can provide up to 512 GB/s of bandwidth, up to as 10 times as independent DDR2.

Intel StrTIx 10 MX FPGA chip adopts homemade 14 nm processing and manufacturing. The architecture of embedded A53 1.5 GHz processor and the help of  Intel's latest embedded multi-chip interconnect bridge (EMIB) connect the four XCVR PCI-E module and two HBM2 modules which are encapsulated in the same substrate, designed as SoC single chip.

Intel represents that the new FPGA can be used for the multi-functional accelerator such as high-performance computing, data center, network virtualization (NFV), and broadcast application where it provides the necessary hardware acceleration, thus meeting the needs of large data transfer and data flow lines.
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