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IAR Launches IAR Systems Development Tools

Why choose IAR Embedded Workbench? Why should we give up the free development tools on the market and choose to pay for the tool developed by IAR? Mainly include a few reasons as below:

1. IAR Embedded Workbench can generate space-saving and robust executable code;
2. The size of the code determines the product cost;
3. Make room for the expansion of the product;
4. Developers can rely entirely on the tools provided by IAR;
5. Integrated development environment provides continuous workflow;
6. Only 10 steps-from the idea into reality;
7. IAR system is a global company;
8, IAR is full of confidence to the AVR;
9, AVR and IAR Embedded Workbench Mutual cooperation and common development.

The outstanding characteristic of Ewavr 4.10B:

* dockable View Window Management
* Integrated Source control system
* Support Misra C
* IAR extended ec++ Support
* Support C + + templates
* Support Standard Template Library (STL)
* Namespace support
* Support all memory properties of C + +
* Support class memory, multiple heap, etc.
* Supports C + + cast variables, including static_cast <>, Const_cast <>, and reinterpret_cast
* Support for variability
* AVR Jtagice MKII Debugger
* Source Code Browser
* Enhanced context-sensitive Help
* Easily configurable c/ec++ function library
* Support Osek Runtime interface (Orti)
* Flexible display of STL container during debugging
* A variety of new debugging information windows
* Auto Display window
* Live Monitoring window
* Tracking Window
* Available Breakpoints Window
* Splash Screen
* Formwork Engineering
* Compiler optimization
* Direct connection to binary image
* XLink Calibration of the range
* Improved Debugger Plug-in management
* User Manual for reorganization
* Support new type of equipment
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