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Huawei'S New Charging Technology Can Charge 48% Power In Five Minutes

With the upgrading of smartphones, their charging technology is constantly improved. Huawei has recently unveiled a new charging technology. It's said that it can charge 48% power in five minutes without damaging batteries.

Huawei has released a new trailer for its next-generation mobile battery charging technology. The technology enables mobile phone batteries to charge nearly half of the battery in five minutes, which can satisfactorily meet users' demands for quick battery charging.

Watt laboratories, affiliated to Huawei, is currently developing a new-generation fast charging technology that could increase the battery's power to 48% in just five minutes. The fast charging technology starts to work in about 50 seconds after charging. As you can see, the battery in this technology has more connectors than normal cell phone batteries.

The technology involves taking the battery out and charging it through an external device. Removable batteries were very common in 2015. But now, mobile phone users will not object to the re-emergence of removable batteries, but may not feel it innovative.

According to an article in the magazine Computer World, the technology uses a device equipped with a screen cover and the phone battery capacity is 3000 mA. Some analysts believe that once the technology is on the market, it will definitely arouse a strong response among mobile phone users. Huawei has launched a trailer probably for the next World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC).
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