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Huawei'S Kirin 970 Processor Will Be Loaded Into Mate 10 To Be First Released On October 16th

Huawei'S Kirin 970 Processor Will Be Loaded Into Mate 10 To Be First Released On October 16th

On September 25th, Huawei held a press conference this morning in Beijing, officially launching the annual flagship processor with the 10nm process, the Kirin 970. Compared to the last generation of Kirin 960 with 16 nm technological process, the Kirin 970 has adopted TSMC's 10-nanometer process and integrated 5.5 billion crystal bodies in a small volume of less than 100 square millimeters. Compared with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835's 3.1 billion crystal and Iphone's  A10's 3.3 billion crystal, kirin 970 has higher-level integration. The power consumption is 20% lower than that of the previous generation kirin 960.

In terms of artificial intelligence, Huawei innovatively designed the HiAI mobile computing architecture, whose AI performance density was significantly better than that of CPU and GPU, and provided the development version for the open source community. The mobile phone SoC with powerful AI computing power is the industry's first phone chip with an independent neural network processing unit to process hardware especially.

Compared to the four cortex-a73 cores, the Kirin 970 chip can accomplish AI computing tasks with higher energy efficiency. For example, in the image recognition speed aspect, it can reach about 2000 pieces/min.

At the same time, Kirin 970 is the first commercial dual-card dual-4g double VoLTE processor, which has successfully realized two SIM cards on a mobile phone to support 4G VoLTE phone calls, providing a consistently high quality of voice and video call experience for the main and secondary cards.

Photo taking experience
As for photo taking, Kirin 970 chip has also upgraded the new double-ISP, supporting for the face tracking technology, intelligent scene detection, real-time recognition of movement speed and focus shooting, and new noise reduction technology, allowing the night shooting more natural and transparent. It adopts the four-mode fusion focusing scheme and the self-calibration improves the focus consistency of the model, thus the overall shooting response time has increased by 30%.
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