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High Voltage Start Reactor

When the ac asynchronous motor starts at rated voltage, the initial starting current is very large, often exceeding the rated current (usually 5 ~ 7 times), in order to reduce the starting current without affecting the power grid, the ac induction motor is usually started by means of reducing voltage. The commonly used step-down method is the use of an electric reactor or a transformer, the starting process of ac motor is very short (usually seconds to two minutes), and it will be decompressed and removed after starting. The product is designed according to the start-up characteristics of the high voltage asynchronous motor, and the power of the matching motor is 220 ~ 1400 kW.

Structural characteristics of high voltage start reactor

1. The core of QKSG type dry core starting reactor uses high quality imported cold rolled silicon steel sheet. The core column is divided into even segments by multiple air gaps, the air gap of the epoxy plate as isolated, and the use of high temperature and high strength adhesive to ensure that the air gap does not change in reactor operation.

2. The end face of the iron core is made of high-quality silicon steel plate so that the silicon steel sheet is firmly bonded together. This greatly reduces the noise in the operation and has better corrosion resistance.

3. The coil is wrapped in a package structure, and the main insulation of the coil is impregnated with epoxy resin by glass fiber. After hot curing, it is immersed in a vacuum to resist high-temperature insulating paint. The coil not only has good insulation performance but also has high mechanical strength. It can withstand the shock of large current and cold and heat shock at the start of the motor without cracking.

Conditions for the use of high voltage starting reactor

  • The altitude is no more than 1000 meters.
  • The operating environment temperature is -25℃~+45℃.
  • No inflammable and explosive material can be found in any place where there is no severe vibration, no harmful gas or dust.
  • When the starting time is full 2 minutes (one or several times), it should be cooled for 6 hours before starting again.

Performance parameters of high voltage starting reactor

  • The temperature tolerance level is F (155℃).
  • The loss of the dry core starting reactor is lower than that of the oil immersed reactor.
  • The noise of dry core starting reactor is not greater than the national standard.

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