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High Resistance Operational Amplifier

CA3130 is an operational amplifier that combines the dual advantages of CMOS tube and bipolar transistor. Its input is PMOS transistor, which can provide very high input impedance, very low input current and very superior speed performance. And it can effectively reduce the influence of the common mode voltage on the input. The output is a pair of CMOS tube to provide the output current and can guarantee the voltage deviation of the output voltage relative to each power supply side is within 10 mv. Also, CA3130 can be powered by single source or dual power supply, with single-power supply range of 5 V to 8 V, and power supply range of plus or minus 2.5 V to plus or minus 5 V. The pins of the shipment are shown in the right image:

The pin 1, 5 is biased input, 3, 2 is the opposite phase input, 7, 4 is the input pin of the power input, 8 is the output filter, and 6 is the output.

The main advantages are as follows:

  • the input impedance is very high, the input current of 1.5 t ohm is very small, and the power supply of 5 PA is 15 V.
  • allow single power supply.
  • the common mode input voltage is very low.
  • the deviation between the output voltage and the voltage of each power pin is small.

Its main applications are:

  • fast sampling amplifier
  • high input impedance
  • voltage follower, voltage regulator, peak detector
  • single power supply situation

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