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Chinese Researchers Have Solved The Problem Of High Output Power Of Acoustic Surface Wave Devices At

Recently, Zhang Jinying, an associate researcher at the Semiconductor Integrated Technology Engineering Research Center of the Institute of Semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made new progresses in the research of high-frequency SAW characteristics by cooperating with a number of research groups, such as the School of Computer Science and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation, National University of Defense Technology. The surface acoustic wave device is the product of the combination of the surface wave theory, piezoelectric research and microelectronics technology in modern acoustics. It has been widely applied in the fields of Internet of Things, radar detection, sensing and detection. At present, the demand of wireless communication and signal processing is constantly expanding for high-frequency waves, and the working frequency record of sound surface wave devices is constantly recreated. But with the increase of the frequency, signal attenuation increases sharply. How to ensure the high output power of the acoustic surface wave device at the high working frequency is a key problem to be solved.


Diamond films and aluminum nitride films are grown on the silicon substrate and then inserted into a single - finger - finger transducer.

In this context, the deputy researcher of Zhang Jinying and the research team of National University of Defense Technology have successfully prepared a surface acoustic wave device with embedded electrode structure. It is found that the device can effectively stimulate the sound surface wave of Sezawa mode up to 17.7ghz, which is 10.7% higher than the output power of the traditional electrode structure sound surface wave device. This work provides a new design idea and feasible scheme for the development and application of acoustic surface wave devices to higher frequency. The work was funded by a number of projects, including the national natural science foundation youth fund and the exploration research project. The research results were recently published in the journal of Applied Physics Letters and were selected as Featured articles, which were prominently displayed on the homepage of the website. Professor Chen Shu-ming, professor of national defense science and technology university, and associate researcher Zhang Jinying are the corresponding author.

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