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GF Take Advantage If FD-SOI Technology in 12 Inch Wafer Factory

GlobalFoundries in Chengdu, the 12-inch wafer factory has begun to work, which will be put into production in the second half of 2018. In this wafer plant, the mainly used technology will be FD-SOI, where the produced chips would not used for our well-known graphics cards, processors and other products, GlobalFoundries's investment in Chengdu is only helping to support China's growing semiconductor industry without a wafer.

Morgenstren, vice president of GF, said the company has developed two different technologies development routes for different application markets, first 14nm lpp/12nm lpp/7nm LPP FinFET process for manufacturing sensors, graphics GPU, high-end smartphone soc, High performance chips for network communications and advanced driving assistance systems. Fd-soi technology is used to manufacture embedded memory, Low-cost Low-power wireless communication chip, which is suitable for medium and low-end intelligent devices, IoT, automobile electronic equipments, etc.

GF's wafer plant has two of the use of FD-SOI technology, in addition to the above mentioned 12-inch wafer factory located in Chengdu, there is the German Dresden 12-inch wafer factory. Germany Dresden wafer factory mainly for the European automotive market to make chips, while in Chengdu, 12-inch wafer plant is committed to the Internet things and 5G applications IC manufacturing. Germany Dresden Wafer Factory has begun small-scale production of 22nm fd-soi chips, technology chips will soon be used in terminal products. Morgenstren told that the 22nm fd-soi process is equivalent to the 14nm POLYSION/HKMG process, the cost is comparable to the 28nm POLYSION/HKMG process, and the 12nm fd-soi cost will be similar with 16nm polysion/ HKMG process, but the performance is equal to 10nm POLYSION/HKMG process.

GF in 2018 will begin to transfer 22nm Fd-soi technology to Chengdu's 12-inch wafer plant, 2019 will be the second half of the production of 22nm Fd-soi wafer, according to Morgenstren, GF will invest 100 million U.S. dollars to set up a FDX fd-soi design service Center, and establish a EDA/IP ecosystem.

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