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Future Trends for Operational Amplifiers

In order to achieve this goal, ADI  has developed a proprietary CMOS technology of iCMOS industry and recently launched the lowest noise (4.5 Hz) nV /) CMOS amplifier AD8651 and low power supply current (1 microamps per amplifier) AD8500.

However, many high-performance operational amplifiers still use bipolar processes. Because the process can provide obvious simulation design advantages, and there is little need for performance tradeoffs. A variety of new industrial bipolar processes such as ADI's iPolar trench isolation process technology, which has significantly reduced the core size through advanced manufacturing processes and the junction type field effector (JFET) devices etc.. These new developments in manufacturing processes allow the amplifier design engineers to develop products with unparalleled performance parameters. One example is AD8599, which reduces wideband noise to an almost unmeasurable degree (1 nV/SQRT).

In the field of high-speed amplifiers, ultra-fast processes allow the ada4899-1 devices to have the conversion rate of 310 mu V/s and the bandwidth of 250 MHz.

Although the tube core size is reduced, but the amplifier performance is trying their best to be improved simultaneously, which make us reduce the amplifier package size for incredible degree and narrow down to even unobserved levels.

Size and power consumption are the primary concerns for applications that need to be powered by AA batteries or nickel-metal hydrides (NiMH) batteries. Now the amplifier's working power voltage has been reduced to 1.8 V, and it is still decreasing. The AD8500(1 mu A power supply current) is the best option when precise, low-voltage work and low power consumption are absolutely required. The precision amplifier can work only with single battery power. In order to save power, many amplifier products should shutoff circuit intelligently.
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