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Full Automatic Capacitance Bridge Tester

The fully automatic capacitance bridge tester is specially developed under the guidance of the expert working group of reactive power compensation device, it is specially developed for the problem of the capacitance value of measuring capacitor at the site of the substation. It focuses on solving the problem of low fault detection rate due to a large amount of capacitance in the field and the low output voltage of capacitors and capacitors. The instrument has the characteristics of small measurement, quick and easy, stable performance, accurate measurement and high fault detection rate. In addition, its current measurement unit can also be used as the measurement of electrical equipment such as CVT and lightning arrester, and it has many functions.

Schematic diagram of automatic capacitance bridge tester

The capacitance bridge adopts the bridge circuit structure, the standard capacitor, and the test capacitor are the two arms of the bridge circuit. When measuring the capacitance of the capacitor, it closes the test switch K, and the test voltage is applied to the standard capacitor and the test capacitor at the same time. The processor uses the sensor to collect the current signal flowing through both of them and process the capacitance value of the tested capacitor.

It is not affected by the fluctuation of power supply due to the use of the standard capacitor and the test capacitor synchronous sampling technology. In addition, the measurement process is fully automatic, avoiding the error caused by the manual operation, so it has the characteristics of good stability, good repeatability and accurate and reliable.

Characteristics of automatic capacitance bridge tester

  • Automatic range conversion
  • Store data
  • Large-screen LCD (320 x 240 x) display, Chinese menu operation prompt.
  • Implement waveform and measurement processing data with screen display to make the test process more intuitive;
  • Have the function of setting, adjusting and debugging
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