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Fingerprint Chip

Fingerprint chip is a chip which embedded fingerprint identification technology. It can realize fingerprint image acquisition, feature extraction and feature comparison. The developer can easily realize the function of fingerprint recognition, which greatly reduces the threshold of fingerprint identification industry. It has a positive role in promoting the promotion of fingerprint recognition.

Brief Introduction

At the same time, with the rapid development of China's fingerprint chip market, the related core production technology application and research and development will become the focus of the industry. Understanding the research and development trend, process equipment, technology application and trend of fingerprint chip production at home and abroad is very critical for enterprises to enhance product specifications and market competitiveness.

Introduction of Chips

AS602 is an information security chip for information security and fingerprint identification. Work frequency is 108MHz, embedded with 1 MB FLASH, 128 KB RAM, 4 Kbit OTP FLASH, the power consumption is less than 150 mW (120 MHz). The embedded image processing accelerators and feature-rich SOC systems can greatly reduce users' r&d spending and knowledge reserve in the field of fingerprint identification and information security, which enables the customer to launch a variety of personalized fingerprint identification products and information security products to meet the market demand at the fastest speed. For example fingerprint USBKEY, etc.
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