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Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

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You can choose fiber optic HDMI cable of UT-HDMI from 5M to 100M for multimedia application with 4K, HDMI Version 2.0 connector, 18Gbps refresh rate. Look up different fiber optic HDMI cable from UTSOURCE

General Info about Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

The fiber optic HDMI cable is a kind of HDMI signal transfer cable made of optical fiber used to integrate its photoelectric conversion circuit at the interface. This series of fiber optic HDMI cable adopts advanced embedded optical engine technology, can support up to 18 GBPS of transmission rate, and the version has been pushed to the HDMI 2.0 standard. It can provide excellent HDMI signal integrity, the largest supporting transmission length is 100 meters (length of different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements). It does not require an external power supply.

The main material of the traditional HDMI cable is copper. Later, in order to enhance the transmission quality, the high-end HDMI cable is changed to silver, which determines the price. The better the material is, the more expensive it will be. However, both copper and silver have a common problem: there is a certain loss in long-distance transmission (over 10 meters).So, new material fiber comes out, that is our fantastic fiber optic HDMI cable.

It requires two processes to output to the display device terminal:
Electricity -> light, light -> electricity.

The advantages of fiber optic DHMI cable can be classified as follows:
1.Zero impedance without compression nor lost of signal
2.Long distance, over 100 meters
3.Hgh bandwidth, 18G
4.Easy installation, no external power supply
5.No electromagnetic interference

Advantage of Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

The fiber optic HDMI cable is the HDMI cable which uses the optical fiber as transmission material.This fiber optic HDMI cable has the following advantages:

1.Non-destructive signal transmission, extreme hd audio-visual enjoyment
The volume is light. Because of the lightweight fiber material, the fiber optic HDMI cable is smaller and lighter than the traditional HDMI cable, so lossless transmission of audio and video is truly realized. Video information and audio information are completely free from external electromagnetic interference, which guarantees the high fidelity of transmission signals. Especially for audio information with high requirement for the transmission material, the ultra-low bottom noise guarantees extremely pure sound.

Some audio enthusiasts can spend hundards of dollars to buy a piece of fiber optic HDMI cable, the reason is that the cable can ensure lossless transmission of audio information, The nondestructive characteristics of HDMI active optical fiber can well meet the user's demands.

2.The real long distance ultra hd transmission
This HDMI cable uses optical fiber transmission medium, so that the long distance signal transmission attenuation can be ignored, and the maximum transmission distance can reach over 300m.This feature is especially important for home theater, where the embedded HDMI cable is at least 10 meters. For HIFI, projector, video monitoring system, the long-distance transmission of traditional copper can cause signal distortion, which in turn causing equipment unavailable or a bad experience. With the employment of active optical fiber HDMI cable, user can decorate these devices completely without worrying about the attenuation or distortion of signal transmission, and they can arrange the equipment system according to their demand.

Known as the projector in our daily life, it needs for long transmission lines between the equipment, household wiring may need 5 meters. If using the traditional copper HDMI cable, there will be signal distortion or display problem, which can only be fixed by adopting the complex signal relay, but high costs make this application unworthy. But if you use this fiber optic HDMI cable, problems will be readily solved.

3.Ultra high bandwidth video transmission, to create the best game experience
Fiber optic HDMI cable can support high bandwidth, it can transmit high-bandwidth 4K video, 3D video without pressure. High resolution and 3 d games for video transmission bandwidth requirement are very high, especially 4 k display equipment gradually coming into the ordinary consumers view. To perfectly meet the 4 k 60 hz video transmission need, it needs the support of the latest HDMI agreement. Traditional copper HDMI cable restricted by signal attenuation is difficult to meet the demand of 18 GBPS bandwidth transmission.

Some extreme game enthusiasts, in order to get strong visual shock effect tends to adopt 4 k high-resolution display. At that time, in addition to the 4 k resolution supporting monitor or computer host, users tend to ignore a problem of whether the transmission cable can support 4 k resolution. Actually, common copper HDMI cable is hard to support 4 k 60Hz video transmission requirements. Forced operation of the game will appear jump frame situation, which can’t stand for the ultimate enthusiasts. With the application of our fiber optic HDMI cable, there is completely no worry about transmission bandwidth, it can perfectly meet the demand of 4 k ultra-high bandwidth transmission, bringing the comfortable gaming experience.

4.Green transmission leads healthy life without radiation
The traditional HDMI copper cable signal transmission not only appears weak or distorted, but also produces a large amount of electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to human health. Even the use of shielded magnetic ring can not eliminate it completely.The optical fiber HDMI cable is completely free of radiation, which completely eliminates users' health risks to make users fall in love with the non-radioactive green digital life.
With the improvement of living standard and vast application of various electrical equipment, electromagnetic radiation is more and more serious. The high frequency copper HDMI cable connecting HDMI TV or display is a carrier of radiation. We can not see the radiation but it actually affects our health, and what we have to do is try to decrease the electromagnetic radiation. To start from the green, no radiation fiber optic HDMI cable!

In addition to the introduced four big advantages, the optical fiber HDMI cable selected by UTSOURCE is of humanized design. The built-in microprocessor can prompt the correct connection and the display resolution, bringing simple and intuitive user experience to the user. And it is easier and more convenient for users to install and use.
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