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Using Novel Trench IGBT Technology, Fairchild's new series of trench IGBTs offer the optimum performance for PDP applications where low conduction and switching losses are essential.

Original New IC chips FGPF4633
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IC chips FGPF4633

Before the insulated gate bipolar transistor, the IGBT) are developed, power MOSFET field-effect tube is used in the need to quickly switch in low voltage occasions, thyristor, decision is used for high pressure field. MOSFET has the advantages of fast switching speed, high input impedance, good thermal stability and simple driving circuit, however, in 200 v or higher voltage, MOSFET resistance increase rapidly with the increase of breakdown voltage, which makes its power consumption increased. So it has the defects of unavailable to high pressure, large capacity components. The bipolar transistor has excellent low positive pressure drop characteristics, although it can get high pressure and large capacity components, but it requires a large drive current, the control circuit is very complex, and the exchange rate is not fast enough.

IGBT is developed as comply with this requirement, it is made up of MOSFET (input) and PNP transistor (output), both with the small driving power and fast switching speed characteristics of MOSFET and characteristics of low saturation voltage and large capacity of bipolar devices.  Its frequency is between MOSFET and power transistor, can works on dozens KHz frequency range. Based on these excellent features, IGBT has been widely used in the application of more than 300 v voltage, modularized IGBT can satisfy the current conduction of higher requirements. There will be a greater development in the future.

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