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Clock Chip SHT1302

* Operation voltage: 2.0V- 5.5V
* When VDD = 2V, operation current < 400lA *VDD = 2V, static current < 100lA
* Serial input clock frequency is maximum 500KHz at VDD = 2V, maximum 2MHz at VDD = 5V
* Real-time clock (RTC) records seconds, minutes, hours, dates, months, weeks and with leap year automatical adjustment function, valid to 2100
* Three-line serial input/output interface
* Two data transmission modes: single-byte mode and multi-byte mode * Schmidt trigger input (Range: 2.2V - 1. 2V @ VDD = 5V)
* SHT1302: 8-tube foot double line direct insert package SHT1302S: 8-tube foot small package

Basic description:
SHT1302 is a three-line serial clock timing chip that includes real-time clock and calendar functions. It can easily be connected to a microprocessor through a simple three-line interface.

They are (1) YRSTB (2) YSCLK (3) YI/O. Data can access 1 byte at the same time or 8 bytes in multi-byte mode. SHT1302 provides information on seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, dates, months and years. According to actual or leap year requirements, the monthly date will be adjusted automatically. In addition, the clock chip can be operated in a 12-hour or 24-hour system with morning/afternoon separation. An external 32. 768KHz vibration provides the correct clock inside the chip.
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