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BROADCOM Has Launched Security Application Processors Of BCM5880 And BCM5892

BROADCOM has released a new series of security application processors, including BROADCOM BCM5880 and BCM5892.

The security application of Broadcom BCM5880 combines platform recognition, personal recognution, data protection, and other functions on a single chip processor. Besides, it has been equipped with 1.2 device, an integrated trusted platform module (TPM)  and has the l/c "vault" ability. It also puts a lot of today's application functions such as one-time password (OTP), fingerprint reader, smart card, and non-contact reader, etc., into the chip, so they could be easily managed in a centralized manner as part of the multi-factor authentication policy.

The Broadcom BCM5880 performs critical functions on the chip and is isolated from the main microprocessor and operating system so it can fully store and process sensitive information (such as passwords and unique hardware identifiers). This approach to handle sensitive data makes the PC system more secure and allows it to be centrally managed and easily accessible to system administrators.

The security application processor of Broadcom BCM5892 combines multimedia, networking and security features to provide a cost-effective and single-chip solution for a wide range of applications including POS terminals, consumer electronics and peripherals. The high level of integration of the BCM5892 enables a single-chip design to deliver a significantly more powerful and cost-effective solution for these types of applications and integrates Broadcom's on-chip secure "vault" with audio and video, along with a memory controller, a smart card interface, and many communication ports. Its unique architecture allows it to support both the general purpose and secure applications at the same time, as well as keeping the security application completely isolated from the rest of the system.

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