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Atlas 15K, The World's Fastest Hard Disk Launched By Maxtor

Maxtor has launched Atlas 15K, the world's fastest hard drive. It adopts the interface of Maxtor second-generation of Ultra320 SCSI as well as the exclusive the intellectual technology of "MaXAdapt" (the Adaptive Active Filtration). Through strengthening basic signal at the receiving end to filter the noise and other useless frequency signals, it has effectively improved the signal quality and enabled the hard disk to adapt to the changes in the system and component configuration. The system performance is optimized with low bit error rates, ease of integration, and increased bus efficiency.

In view of technical specifications, Atlas 15k is the third generation of 15k drives. But the point where Atlas is more superior than its rivals is that its average seeking time has been shortened by 0.3 - 0.4 ms to 3.2 ms to get better IOps (I/O per second) performance. It's the minimum industrial unit I/O cost (cost - per - I/O) nowadays. 

What's particularly worth mentioning is that it also supports all five optional Ultra320 SCSI features in addition to reaching the basic technical requirements of Ultra320 SCSI. The MaxAdapt and AIP technology can enhance the signal-to-noise ratio and improve the reliability of signal transmission. The support for Flow Control, QAS, and SCSI Bus fairness has comprehensively improved the reliability of system performance and data transmission. 

In general, the Maxtor Atlas series SCSI hard disk is not only possessed with high performance, but also performs well in the stability, hard disk working sound, working temperature, and other aspects. In terms of safety, the Atlas series SCSI hard disk is equipped with the Maxtor typical third-generation shockproof system (SPS Ⅲ) and data protection system (DPS) so that the data security can be well guaranteed. Maxtor Atlas series SCSI hard drives are superior in noise reduction. The rotational speed of Maxtor Atlas 15k SCSI hard drive can be up to 15000 r/min, while the noise will not rise as the hard drive rotates faster. Its standby noise has reached the mute level of a common IDE hard.
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