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Integrated Chips classification:
Motherboard integrated chip.
The motherboard integrated chip is the computer motherboard which integrates the video card, the sound card and the network card chip.
Many motherboards in the computer market integrate many other components: video card, sound card, network card, etc. We integrated motherboard products when the choose and buy should mainly consider the user's own demand, but also should pay attention to: the integrated control chip on the performance is slightly worse than the similar products, high end interface card if you have special requirements to choose and buy the corresponding board to improve performance.

Photon integrated chip
Photon integration technology is the most forward and promising field of optical fiber communication, which is the best way to meet the demand of future network bandwidth. Photon integrated chip reduces the cost and complexity than traditional discrete OEO (photoelectric light) treatment, with the benefits of a lower cost to build a new network structure with more nodes. More nodes mean more flexible access, more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Optical integrated chip
Just as the current circuit has been integrated and developed into an integrated circuit chip, the optical path will become integrated and become integrated optical circuit chip (OIC). Optical waveguide technology is the foundation of integrated optics. Integrated optical circuit chips are moving towards a broader market application as new technology products replace traditional products. Optical integrated chips employ (different process) semiconductor processing methods to produce high-performance optical integrated chips instead of traditional optical devices. And large scale integrated circuit chips, implements the same mass, high efficiency mode of production, the product of cheaper, smaller, more stable performance, production process of low energy consumption, pollution-free production process, reduce a lot of artificial, high technical content, high performance, high value-added products, etc.

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