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Advantages and Functions of Optoelectronic Coupler

Optical coupler's main advantages: signal one-way transmission, input end and output end have full electrical isolation; the output signal has no influence to the input end; strong anti-interference ability, stable work, non-contact, long service life, high transmission efficiency. Optical coupler is a new type device which developed in the 70s. Now, it is widely used in electrical insulation, level conversion, inter stage coupling, drive circuit, switch circuit, chopper, multivibrator, signal isolation, interstage isolation, pulse amplification circuit, digital meters, remote signal transmission, pulse amplification, solid state relay (SSR), instruments and meters, communication equipment and microcomputer interface. In the single-chip switch power supply, the linear optical coupler can be used to form the optical coupling feedback circuit, and the control end current can be adjusted to change the duty ratio, and finally realize precision and stabilized voltage.

Functions: It has the isolation of input and output electrical signals. Because the input end of the optical coupler is low resistance elements of the current type work, it has a strong ability of common mode inhibition.
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