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μa741 Operational Amplifier

The μA741 operational amplifier, which is the first integrated operational amplifier in the world, is widely popular in the late 1960s. And it is still the typical component for explaining the principle of the operation in electronic subject until now.

As shown is the typical application circuit of the μA741. Figure (a) is the inverting input amplifier circuit and figure (b) is the same-phase input amplifier circuit.

μa741 Operational Amplifier

The μA741 is a high-performance and internal compensation operational amplifier with low power consumption and no external frequency compensation. It has the ability of short-circuit protection and zeroing offset voltage and can be used as integrators, summation amplifiers and general feedback amplifiers without latch-up in using.

The main parameters and advantages: (1): a wide range of power supply voltage: single power supply (3~30 v), dual power supply (±1.5~±15 v),(2): a large swing of output voltage (VCC-+1.5 V to VCC+-1.5 v), (3): short-circuit protection, (4): the operating temperature of the chip varies with the model, for example, the working temperature of the μA741W is 0~70°C while the working temperature of the μA741M is -55~125°C, (5): when VCC±=±15 V and the operating temperature is 25°c, the input voltage offset is 1 mv and the maximum is 6 mv; the input resistance is 2 MΩ; the output resistance is 7 Ω; the non-loaded power loss is 50mW; the common mode rejection ratio is 90 dB; the range of common mode input voltage is ±13 V; the short-circuit output current is ±25 mA; the rise time is 0.3µs.

The μA741 can be substituted by the following models: CF741MT, cf741ct, CF741MD, CF741CD, CF741MJ, CF741CJ, CF741CP, F007, F008, etc.
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