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A Simple, Accurate and Delicate PWM Clock from Linear

The Linear Technology Corporation has introduced silicon oscillator LTC6992, which is the latest member of the TimerBloxTM silicon timing device series. LTC6992 provides a simple and accurate pulse width modulation (PWM) function for the output frequency (3.81Hz to 1MHz). The frequency of the device can be set by 1 to 3 resistors with a frequency error (less than 1.7%). In addition, frequency can be controlled dynamically through individual control voltage. The output pulse width (duty ratio) is simply controlled by an analog signal (0V to 1V). LTC6992 provides undisturbed and accurate start of the first cycle within 500us after the addition of electricity.

There are 4 versions about the LTC6992 from Linear. And each version offers a unique combination of the minimum/maximum duty ratio constraint. The minimum duty ratio is 0% or 5% while the maximum duty ratio is 95% or 100%. As far as the DC control signal is not allowed, 5% and 95% of the duty ratio limit ensure that the output continues to switch, regardless of the control voltage state. LTC6992 is suitable for heater control, PWM servo loop, LED dimming, signal isolation and other duty ratio control applications.

LTC6992 is a member of the TimerBlox universal silicon timing device series, which implements a combination of accurate programmable oscillator and precision circuits and logic devices. There is comprehensive regulation for the TimerBlox series device from -40 ° C to 125 ° C. It is applicable for many fields in which oscillator and micro controller could not run and the automotive and industrial environments with harsh requirements

"With LTC6992, it's extremely easy to generate PWM signals. And no need the microcontrollers and settings." said Doug LaPorte, a design manager at the Linear company.

LTC6992 is available now. If you order 1,000 pieces one time, the purchase price is $1.55 per piece. 
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