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CES 2018 Debut Of A Series Of New Intel Core Processors

In the 2018 International Consumer Electronics show, Intel's partners released a series of new products as regular networking computers that included Intel Core (Core) processors and Intel XMM modem chipset, such as Swift 7 with Intel Core i7 processor by Acer, brand new Envy X2 by HP, Dell Inspiron 5280 2-in-1 notebook computers. 
Since the concept of regular networking computer introduced, Core Intel has always provided this type of computing operation, and continued to innovate with partners to co-create a new series of personal operation devices with excellent performance which supports all kinds of latest experiences and networks to meet the needs of subscribers' demands, both at the present and in the future. 

The regular networking computer with built-in 4G LTE capability is built for supercomputing power, real-time response, and data-intensive experience. Currently, more than 30 commercial and consumer regular networking personal computers whose Intel processors provide top performance, complete computer experience and long battery life, and are equipped with multiple networking options, adopt slim body design, and cover a variety of price range. The new devices debut in CES International Consumer Electronics, which have regular networking capability including Google Pixelbook with the action network rapid sharing function, Samsung sales in America through Verizon, Galaxy Book 12, as well as Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air sales in Chinese Mainland.
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